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Vowels and Consonants - Sorting

Aakash learnt to sort vowels and consonants. He has learnt just to sort it as of now. He is yet to learn the significance of Vowels and Consonants.
Steps he followed to sort:
1. Learnt to say “Vowels” and “Consonants”
2. Made him to understand that he is going to do sorting Activity.
3. Then prompted him to take the Vowels one by one like “take A”, “take E”, etc (Prompted verbally to take the Vowels and also prompted him where to fix it)
4. Once he finished with Vowels, he was allowed to keep the Consonants by saying “rest of the Alphabets” are Consonants.
5. Then he was taught to say “These are Vowels” by pointing Vowels and similarly for Consonants also.
6. After the above step he was made to answer a letter randomly whether it is a Vowel or a Consonant. E.g. “B is Consonant”, “O is Vowel” and so on.
Aakash practiced to sort Vowels and Consonants by following the above steps for two days. Then the prompt which helped him to sort was faded and I waited for him to respond.
For example, for the 5th step, to fade prompt
Me(by pointing Vowels ): These are ....(wait for Aakash to say “Vowels”).

I usually don’t prompt him immediately. I wait for him to respond.
If I don’t get the answer even after waiting for sometime then I prompt him with the word/answer to the response.

Now Aakash can sort Vowels and Consonants independently.
Here is a video of Aakash sorting Vowels and Consonants.