Welcome to my page.

Who am I?
I am a mother of a son who has been diagnosed with Autism. In this journal I am planning to share my teaching experience with my son.

Am I homeschooling my son?
Yes, I am.

Am I trained to teach my son?
No, I am not trained with any formal certification.

How am I teaching my son?
First, I have taken out one thing from my mind. That is my son is a special need kid. I treat him as a child without any labels. That makes it easy to teach him.

What I am teaching him at home?
Things that interests him.
Things that he can do.
Things I know he will be able to do.
Things which are the next logical step to whatever he is doing.

Am I setting goals for him at home?
Yes. I set goals for him to work with him.

How am I setting goals?
Based on his needs and interests.

How am I preparing myself to teach him?
By reading books, attending workshops, joining in various forums.

Am I following any method?
I believe the methods are for “me” to understand the condition of my son and to prepare myself. I try to understand ABA, TEACCH, Hanen, RPM etc. to increase my awareness about autism and the possible approaches to train. But while working with my son I try not to fit him within the constraints of one method.

Then how am I teaching him?

I prepare customized materials based on the goals taken. We use iPad, educational video, online resources to achieve his goals.

Am I happy with the way of our learning?
Yes. I am happy about his progress.

Is there any advantage?
Yes, as I primarily rely on alternate learning, there is no commuting. I find plenty of time to focus on ADL without any rush. No follow-ups for therapy appointments etc. No after school meltdowns.

Is there any disadvantage?
Yes, socialization.
Also, if we are stuck somewhere in our goals, searching for guidance or an external review does take a long time.
Customizing materials and teach aids takes time. Sometimes I feel lonely as nobody is there to vent out.

What is the purpose of this page?
To document and share our learning path. It will help all of us and our future generation.

Please reach me out through autism.india@yahoo.co.in with details of your contact if you are a professional/institution

Looking forward to parents who want to share their experience as well.

Some thoughts on how to use the contents of this page:
In this page, I am only sharing my experience or other parent's experiences. These are not therapy suggestions. The materials published here are all mostly relevant from the perspective of my son. Every child is unique and you may have to discover what works for your kid. I am not promoting any specific teaching method and will recommend a mix and match of methods for any kid


Doctor, Therapist for Kids with Autism in Kochi-Kerala

Navajyothi Center for Child Behavioural Science,
Kusumagiri Mental Health Center,
Kusumagiri P O, Kakkanad, Kochi-Kerala
Tel : 0484-2425275

Tantrum-Is it actually communication?

Whenever I read something about Autism, either books or parent’s experience in blogs, groups, the usual word that accompanies it is “Tantrum”,

The people with no knowledge about Autism may look at some of the odd behaviours as Tantrum. Being a mother of a kid with Autism, I have realized that this is not tantrum at all. It is rather a form of “communication”. When I realized this, it started helping me and my kid.

I realized this recently while my son had his hair cut. During hair cut sessions (which we used to do at home), he used to be kicking, screaming and crying. I always thought this was due to sensitivity in his head. But over a period of time we noticed the hairs falling on his body irritated him. On our last hair cut session, we put him a shirt that covered him well and attempted once again. This time to our surprise, he was quiet cooperative. What I could surmise was since he had very limited verbal communication, he was not able to express himself fully. He just used to say, “No, No” when he saw the hair clipper and run away from the place. If we forced him, he used to throw the so called tantrum.

Now I have understood after all it is his way of communication. After realizing this, my tensions have come down significantly. Now whenever he throws a tantrum, I search for a reason and try to give him the right words or make him comfortable by providing what he needs.

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Managing tantrum - Familiarity leads to comfort

I have shared my experience about the reason for tantrum under the topic "How Movement, touch, sound or smell can affect your kids with Autism?".

In this article, I am going to share another reason for tantrum. It is “unfamiliarity”. This unfamiliarity can be anything like new place, new toys, meeting anew person etc. In short for kids with autism, it is anything “NEW” in their world. But this unfamiliarity can be overcome with little effort as I learn from the experience with my son.

Here I would like to share my experience. When my son went to school for the first time, he was not able to sit in a place for “Attendance” and for the “Story time”. This is because he was not familiar to that routine. Our speech therapist suggested having a play mat at those times (to indicate that specific routine has started). But still my son was not getting comfortable. Finally she told us to send his favourite toy to the school. This was supposed to be given during the registration and story session only. This at last helped him to sit in a place for those sessions.

And sometime later, we had to shift to another place. In the new place, he spent lot of his time, with all his usual toys bunched up together. Even when we visited our relative’s places, which my son had never visited before, we helped him carry his toys in a bag. In the relatives house he was absolutely comfortable surrounded by his own toys. It was like he was carrying his own world with him every where he went. But very soon when he became accustomed to the new places, his reliance on toy came down. He soon started interacting with people who were around him rather than just fiddle with toys only.

The lesson I could take is when kids with autism to face an unfamiliar environment, they can be made comfortable by some familiar routine or things.

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Making your kid's with Autism to learn by copying

Hi friends, today I am going to share my experience of how I succeeded in making my kid learn by copying.

How do kids normally learn? One of the biggest forms of learning is just by imitation/copying parents or friends. The way those around the kids eat, talk, dress etc. However, kids with Autism finds difficult to copy others. In my own experience I tried so many ways to make my son to copy / to initiate an activity. For example by doing some action in front of him and encouraging him to copy, taking him to park and showing other kids etc. But it all ended up with great disappointment.

When we observed our son fully, we understood that he likes to look at pictures in the book, watch TV ads and cartoon Rhymes. He understands the flash cards and visual timetable.

This gave us an idea of showing something which involves kids. As a first step we showed him movie songs with children dancing. When he started showing interest, we made him to choose his favourite song by offering him choices. Miraculously, he started to interact with very small sounds. The sounds were usually sounding closer to the song he liked. For example, there is a song called Choo Choo Mari. My son started saying something like “choo choo” first.

Gradually we extended this technique by showing him the Nursery Rhymes sung by kids at home environment. This is very natural and my kid was able to relate with the kids singing in such rhymes. The Cartoon rhymes never had such an effect. We had downloaded the rhymes from YOUTUBE

If you want to download and save a song from youtube, go to www.savevid.com. Mostly the downloaded file will be in .flv or .MP4 format. VLC player will support these formats.

Surprising thing about this method is, now our son starts to copy the actions besides words from the Rhymes. Now he can twinkle his hands for Twinkle Twinkle little Star and he can hum fully the “ BAA BAA BLACK SHEEP” rhymes.

Nowadays he shows more interest to watch these rhymes, rather than watch TV Ads and Animated Rhymes. When we discussed this with our Speech Therapist, she extended this idea and suggested making our own videos with small request like “SIT DOWN”, “GIVE WATER” etc. She told us that this will help the kids to understand the request contextually. But I haven’t tried this method yet. I am planning to try this as soon as possible. I am sure this will take him to the next level of his speech.

You too please share your small steps towards success to autism.india@yahoo.com. This will inspire other parents in need.

Unlock your child’s potential to WIN Autism.

Reviewing your activities by recording

When you do various play activities with your kids, how do you know whether it was successful? May be by the enthusiasm of your kid to participate in the session. That is what I and my husband thought. However when our speech therapist started working with my kid, she started recording the session with her video camera. At that point of time my kid had literally no vocalization. In his activities also he did not seem to make much gestures or sounds. However, when we played back the video, we were amazed to see how our kid had uttered lot of sounds and gestures during the play.

During some of these sessions we had thought our kid did not cooperate. But when we saw the video, the results were completely different. As we were very focused with certain results in mind during the play, we had missed lot of this communication. In fact if we had noticed this during the play, we could have used the opportunity much more effectively.

After this experience, we started using our little digital camera. When I or my husband started playing/interacting with our kid, the other would immediately take the camera and record it. Then quickly we used to connect to a computer and review it. We have improved his communication tremendously with this practice. Our understanding of him also improved very much.

You can also try this method. In case you have not got a handy video camera or if your kid is distracted by the camera, get some third person to watch you activities and give review.

Unlock your child's potential to win Autism

How Movement, touch, sound or smell can affect your kids with Autism?

Kids with Autism may be throwing tantrums occasionally or frequently. In my experience, anxiety and sensitivity are the two big reasons for this.

Anxiety can be handled by introducing routines and enhancing the kids understanding.

The other reason sensitivity can be handled by first understanding your kid. Your kid can be over or under sensitive to MOVEMENT, TOUCH, SOUND or SMELL.

My kid was sensitive to sounds. He would shut his ears and run away, when mixer, vacuum cleaner were used. I took this as a challenge to treat this sensitivity. I took out the vacuum cleaner in switched off mode and did pretend play with my kid. We pretended cleaning actions by pushing the handle together. Soon he started having fun with this. Then I eventually started doing the same thing with the vacuum cleaner in switched on mode. Similarly we played with other objects to which he was sound sensitive. Now his sensitivity to sound has come down significantly ( This happened over a period of time with little patience).

Practice makes us perfect. For kids with autism reinforcement makes it prefect.

Unlock Your Kid’s Potential To Win Autism

How can owing printer and laminator be useful?

Kids with Autism are highly visual learners. You can use printer and laminator to prepare FLASH CARDS, VISUAL TIME TABLE etc. Flash cards helps them to learn Alphabets, Numerals, Calender , time , colors etc. Similarly Visual time table helps them to learn the sequence of activities. With so much of usefulness it's worth to buy a printer and laminator.

So if you have a kid with Autism don't search for the shops or ready made material to teach your kids. With the help of printer ,laminator and with little creativity you can do wonders in your kid's life .

You can refer the useful links section to get ideas to prepare flash cards and visual timetable.

Autism Relates Books

Shelfari: Book reviews on your book blog

Doctors , Hospitals, Therapist and Social Organisation For Kids with Autism In Chennai ,India

Sri Narayana Child & Teen Care
Contact :Dr.Manu
Narayanan, Paediatrician
Ph: 09841410680
Email : srinarayanachild@yahoo.com

SRISHTI(Aarthi Shruthi Memorable Trust)
B-4, J.J.Nagar East
Chennai- 600050
Ph: 55629260/9444010099

V-Excel Educational Trust.
1, Norton Street,
Chennai – 600028
Email : info@v-excel.org

Ms. Alli Murugesan
PP10/4 East Mogappair
Chennai- 600037

We Can Trust
No 4/2 Parsn Riviera
4th Main Road Extn
Kotturpuram, Chennai -600085
Ph: 044 24464655, 24473136
Email: wecantrust@rediffmail.com

Resource Centre:
4/ 370, South First Main Road,
Kapaleeswarar Nagar,
Neelangarai,Chennai 600 041
Ph: 55461010

DOAST Integrated Therapy Centre for Autism,
DOAST Integrated Therapy Centre for Autism,

Chennai, India.
Phones: 044 4202 6688, 044 4217 2828.
Telefax: 044 26163733

Sparsh,holistic health foundation,
no.32, 1st cross street ,
kasthuribai nagar adayar,
ph; 044 24423802 / 9841358096.

Speech Therapy
Bright Learning Centre

Ms.Akila Palani - 092831 27274
Audiologist & Speech Therapist
Ms.Devi Palani - 092832 07154
Montessori Educator
Ms.Pavithra Palani - 094449 75955
Special Educator (Learning Disability)

Plot No. 146, HIG-2,
4th Main Cross Road, Phase II,
Nolambur, Mogappair Eri Scheme,
Chennai - 600 037.
LandMark: Near SBOA Model Matriculation School and Banyan

Ph :+91 - 44 - 6512 6644 / 2903 2654 /2661 0405
Email : contact@autismbright.com

Chrysalis, School for holistic development of children with autism,
2/594, Singaravelan Salai,

Chinna Neelangarai,
Chennai – 600 041
Phone: 044 – 24494588
Website: www.chrysalis.org.in

no-7, balamurgan kovil st(near balamurgan kovil)

Doctors , Hospitals, Therapist and Social Organisation For Kids with Autism In Jaipur ,India

Additional Commissioner (Disabilities)
Ambedkar Bhavan ,Behind
Panth Krishi Bhavan,
Bhagavan Das Road
Jaipur- 302005
Ph: 0141-383641

B-4/24, Chitrakoot
Ajmer Road, Jaipur
Ph: 09214350987

Doctors , Hospitals, Therapist and Social Organisation For Autistic Kids In Mumbai ,India

Dr. Madhuri Kulkarni
Professor of Pediatrics
Sion Hospital, Mumbai

Dr. Vibha Krishnamurthi
Developmental Pediatrician
UMEED Child Development Centre,

Dr.Vrajesh Udani
Hinduja Hospital
Matunga Road, Mumbai
Ph- 4451515/4452222

Jumpstart Therapy Centre,
Dr.Shalini Bijliwala & Dr.Saif Bijliwala
122 Unique Industrial Estate,
Opp. Shidhivinayak Mandir
Twin Tower Lane.
Prabhadevi ,Mumbai 400050
Tel No. 0091 2267439941
Mob. 0091 9870183414.

Comments from founders: Our centre has good equipments suitable for multisensory stimulation and learning developmental skills. We work in one on one sessions especially focusing on educating and training parents; as much as their child; for managing behavioural issues, understanding perceptual  and cognitive development.  

Doctors , Hospitals, Therapist and Social Organisation For Autistic Kids In Bangalore ,India

Commissioner Office of the State Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities
# 40,Thambuchetty Road, Cox Town
Bangalore – 560005
Ph: 080-25482640
E-mail : discom@vsnl.net

60, Vittal Mallya Road,
Bangalore – 560 001

Diagnostic Services
National Institute of Mental Health And Neuro-Sciences
Hosur Road
Bangalore- 560029

St.John’s Medical College and Hospital
Bangalore -560034

Spastic Society of Karnataka Diagnostic and Research Centre
31,5th Cross, 5th Main,
Indiranagar 1st Stage
Ph: 080-25280935

Centre For Child Development And Disabilities
(A unit of SACKHUMVIT Trust)
# 6, Ground Floor, Chitrapur Bhavan,
8th main, 15th cross,
Bangalore - 560 055
Ph : 23342035 / 23347794 /41205034
email : bchrc@airtelbroadband.in
web www.ccdd.in

S.R.C.Institute of Speech and Hearing
Hennur Road
Bangalore- 560084
Ph: 080-25470037/25460405

Parijma Neuro-diagnostic And Rehabilitation Centre
BTS Depot Road , Off Double Road
Wilson Garden ,
Ph: 080-22238534/22243634/22243640

Training and Support Services Karnataka Parents
Association for Mentally Retarded Citizens (KPAMRC)
AMC Compound, Off Hosur Road
Near Kidwai Hospital
Bangalore- 560029
Ph: 080-26564608

Spastic Society of Karnataka Diagnostic and Research Centre
31,5th Cross, 5th Main,
Indiranagar 1st Stage
Ph: 080-25280935

Information and Resource Center
No.9,1st Cross
Ph: 080-41203426

Professional Support Psychiatrists Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
NIMHANS – National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro- Sciences
Hosur Road,
Bangalore- 560029

Dr. Shobha Srinath
Prof. and Head of Dept. Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Dr. Shekar Sheshadri
Dr. Satish Girimaji
Dr. Mukesh
NIMHANS, Hosur Road

Dr. M.V.Ashok
Assistant Professor and Consultant Child Psychiatrist
Dept of Psychiatry
St.Johns Medical College and
Bangalore- 560034

Dr. Yeshaswini
Spastics Society of Karnataka
31, 5th Cross, 5th Main,
Indiranagar 1st Stage
Bangalore -560038
Ph: 080-25280935

Dr.Nandini Mundkur
Bangalore Children’s Hospital and Research Centre
6, Chitrapur Complex, 8th Main, 15th Cross
Malleswaram, Bangalore-560056

Dr. Nikhil Chinappa
Manipal Hospital
Sagar Apollo Hospital

Dr. Ranjan Pejawar
Neonatalogist, KR Hospital

Dr. M S Mahadeviah
Spastics Society of Karnataka
31, 5th Cross, 5th Main,
Indiranagar 1st Stage
Bangalore -560038
Ph: 080-25280935

Dr.Suresh Aroor
Parijma Neuro-diagnostic And Rehabilitation Centre
BTS Depot Road , Off Double Road
Wilson Garden ,
Ph: 080-22238534


Dr.Sulata Shenoy
Parijma Neuro-diagnostic And Rehabilitation Centre
BTS Depot Road , Off Double Road
Wilson Garden ,
Ph: 080-22238534

Dr.Gayathri Krishna
Educational Psychologist Brindavan Psycho-Educational Society
45, 9th A main road, 2nd Block
Bangalore- 560011
Ph: 080-26567311

Dr. Uma Hirasave
Dept. of Psychology NIMHANS – National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro- Sciences
Hosur Road,

Speech And Language Pathologists
Ms.Mythra Mahesh
Spastics Society Of Karnataka
31, 5th Cross, 5th Main,
Indiranagar 1st Stage
Bangalore -560038
Ph: 080-25280935

Dr.Prathibha Karanth
S.R.C.Institute Of Speech And Hearing
Hennur Road,
Ph: 080-25470037/25460405

The Com-DEALL Trust
No.47, Hutchins Road, 2nd Cross
Sarvajna Nagar (Cookes Town)
Bangalore – 560084
Ph: 080-25800826
E-mail : info@communicationdeall.org

Head of Dept.Speech
Pathology and Audiology
NIMHANS – National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro- Sciences
Hosur Road,

Ms.Radhika Poovaiah
Ph: 9845018302
Occupational Therapists/centre in Bangalore

Ms. Shubhangi Dhuru
Ph: 080-25527085/9900597551
Email : shubha4dhuru@yahoo.co.in

Mr. R. Ingersoll
Premji Occupational
Therapy & Rehabilitation Centre $
No.137/3,Ramaswamy Palya,
Kammanahalli Main Road
Bangalore -560033
Email : occupationaltherapyblr@gmail.com

Mr.Senthil Kumar
St John’s Medical College

Asha Medical Foundation
1134, 2nd Floor, (Above Vivek’s Show room )
Next to Food World, 100 Feet Road,
HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar,
Bangalore- 560008
Karnataka, INDIA.
Ph: +91-80-4180 8004 / 4180 8076 / 4180 8051

Manipal Hospital
Airport Road
Bangalore, 560 017
Phone: + 91 80 2502 4444 / 3344
Fax:+ 91 80 2526 6757

Support Services in Bangalore

Mothers Support Group
60, Vittal Mallya Road,
Bangalore- 560001
Ph: 080-22213670
Email : autismsociety@gmail,com/vhmathias@yahoo.co.in

Doctors , Hospitals, Therapist and Social Organisation For Autistic Kids In Chandigarh ,India

Dr. Pratibha Singhi
Prof. of Pediatrics, PGIMER
Ph : 0172-541032 ,0091-172-2746018,2756565,2747585
Chandigarh, Pin- 160 012

Doctors , Hospitals, Therapist and Social Organisation For Autistic Kids In Guwahati ,India

Dept. of Social Welfare Government of Assam
Bal Bhavan, Pujan Bajar
Guwahati- 781001

Assam Autism Foundation
5 Dinesh Ojha Path, Rajgarh
Guwahati 781 005, Assam
Ph: 00911-9864027292/14608
Email: autismassam@sify.com

Shishu Sarohi ,Spastics Society Of Assam
Opposite Ramakrishna
Mission Road
Birubari, Guwahati
Ph: 0361-470990
Email : shishu_sarohi@yahoo.com

Dr. Shabina Ahmed
Developmental Pediatrician,
Assam Autism Foundation,

Doctors , Hospitals, Therapist and Social Organisation For Autistic Kids InHyderabad ,India

Sandeepani (Waldorf group)
Dr. Lakshmi Prasanna
TS Nagar, 10-2-289/120/33
Ph: 9440774807
Near Food World, Masab Tank

Shraddha Special Center for Exceptional Children
Road No:10, Banjara Hills

Speech Therapist
Dr Shrinivas
Mehdipattanam. Hyderabad
Ph: 9848063416

speech therapy and early intervention, physiotherapy for CP
Sri Siddhartha foundation
Near AXIS Bank ATM, Satya Sai nigamagam rd
Srinagar colony

Parents association for autistic children (PAAC),
plotno: 779,
defence colony, sainikpuri

Ananya Children centre
1-2-593/26/A, Lane 4, Street 4, Gagan Mahal
Mrs. Madhavi adimulam
Ph :9848546504

Rehabilitati on Psychology
Ph:  91 94417-06650 
Email : ravindra.b@prasadpsycho.com

Sudarshan Rehabilitation
Ms Mala Suri
PH: 040-40123317, CELL: 9885301725 / 9951114997

Doctors , Hospitals, Therapist and Social Organisation For Autistic Kids In Secunderabad, AP ,India

Operation Mobilisation India
Post Box No.2014
Secunderabad -500003

PAAC (Parents Association for Autistic Children)
Ms. Lakshmi
Plot. 4-118?136
Saibaba Officers Colony,
Sainik Puri
Secunderabad - 94
Ph: 9247165760

Sai Mano Teja Mentally Handicapped Society
P.V.Dispensary, Manuguru(M)
Khammam Dist.,
Andhra Pradesh -507125
Ph: 08746-222460/ 09440564221
Email : saimanotejamhs@yahoo.com

Sudarshan Rehabilitation Center,
Mrs Mala  Suri
Sikh Village, Near Imperial garden Function Hall,
 ph : 09885301725

Giridhar.G. Speech therapist

Jai Jagannath speech therapy clinic
Shop no 43
SMR Plaza
Secunderabad-9 ,Andhra Pradesh.
Ph : 91-9966764724

Doctors , Hospitals, Therapist and Social Organisation For Autistic Kids In Patna ,India

Dept. of Social Welfare
Government of Bihar

Doctors , Hospitals, Therapist and Social Organisation For Autistic Kids In Lucknow ,India

Dept. of Social Welfare
Government of Uttar Pradesh
Secretariat Annexe
Lucknow – 226001

Doctors , Hospitals, Therapist and Social Organisation For Autistic Kids In Jammu ,India

Dept. of Social Welfare
Government of Jammu &
Kashmir, Civil Secretariat
Jammu Tawi –190001

Doctors , Hospitals, Therapist, Social Organisation For Kids with Autism In Delhi ,India

Mano Vikas Comprehensive Rehabilitation and Research Centre
Post Box 9540, Delhi- 110095
Ph:  22377771, 9868807772, 9911107772

Inspiration Centre Community Facility Complex
Slum & JJ Dept. 12th Block,
Tilaknagar New Delhi -110018
Ph: 011-25991035

Disability India Network Society For Child Development
Cottage 15, Oberoi Apts
2 Sham Nath Marg
Delhi 110 054

Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment Government of India
Office: Shastri Bhavan,
Lok Nayak Bhavan
Fax :011-23384918, 23385180

National Trust, Govt. of India (for the Welfare of persons with Autism,
Cerebral Palsy, MR & otherMultiple Disabilities –Ministry of Social Justice &
# 25, 9th Floor, Jeevan Prakash
Building, Kasturba Gandhi Marg,
Ph. :011-43520861 to 64
e-mail : nationaltrust@nic.in
Website : www.nationaltrust.org.in

Rehabilitation Council of India
B-22, Qutab Institutional Area
New Delhi - 110 016
Tel: 91-11-26532816, 26534287, 26532384, 26532408
Fax: 91-11-26534291
E-mail: rehabstd@nde.vsnl.net.in; rehabstd@ndc.vsnl.net.in

Chief Commissioner of Disability Government of India
4 Vishnu Digambar Marg
New Delhi - 10002.

Department of Social Welfare
Govt. of NCT of Delhi, GLNS
Complex, Delhi Gate,
New Delhi - 110002
E-mail: dsw@nic.in
Ph. 91-011-23319119 , Fax No. 91-011-23314819

Open Door
Sector 5 Jasola Vihar
Behind Sai Niketan
New Delhi 110025
e-mail : autism@vsnl.com
website : http://www.autismindia.org/afa_opendoor.htm
Ph: 91-11-65347422,40540991/2 fax: 91-11-40540993

Tamanna Association
D-6, Vasant Vihar
New Delhi -110057
Ph: 011-26143853/26151572

Saksham (A clinic for comprehensive Assessment)
Dr. Roma Kumar
B2A-1, Janakpuri, Najafgarh Road
New Delhi - 110058
Email : brkumar@del2.vsnl.net.in
Ph: 011-5534260, 5506069, 5502866

Dr. Sunanda Kolli
Developmental Pediatrician,

Dr. Monica Juneja
Prof. of Pediatrics, MAMC
New Delhi

Craniosacral therapist
Dr Saandeep
Ph: 9818704499

Developmental Psychologist & RDI Conultant-in-Training.
Ms. Supriya Malik
Developmental Psychologist & RDI® Certified Consultant
Southend Klinik - Nurturing Connections
1st Floor, C-1 Market,
Vasant Kunj, New Delhi.
Ph: 011-26899573; 26138907
Mob: +919810705182
email: supriya.malik@gmail.com

Psyindia Foundation
Dr. Dherandra Kumar
20, Masihgarh, Sukhdev Vihar    
New Delhi    
Ph :9811714071         
Email :dr@psyindia.com
Website :www.psyindia.com

Dr. Arun Mukherjee
C-27 Dayanand Colony; Lajpatnagar - 4; New Delhi 110024.
Ph :011-41621137     9811157839
Email :arun@udaan.org

Arzoo Bala
Sector 39, NOIDA
Mobile : 9654452126
email : arzoo.bala@gmail.com

3390,Sec A Pocket B & C
Vasant Kunj
New Delhi 110070
Email id: shakti4kids@gmail.com
Ph: 01164998048

Bhupendra Kumar Mishra
Speech therapist
Addres- 185/18 F.F. Amritpuri-B Ghari,East of kailasg
New Delhi-110065
Mobile- +91-9971325940


Teaching Color Sorting to kids with Autism

Doctors , Hospitals, Therapist For Autistic Kids In India

































Schools for Kids with Autism in Kolkata

Amrit Somani Memorial Centre
182A, Sarat Bose Road,
Kolkata – 700 029
Phone: (91-33) 4066 0041
Email:  sreya@asmc.in

Behalabodhayan Special school and residential care
48/3, Sarsuha Main Road
Kolkata -700061

Life Devine    
Padma Ghosh
$311/23, Prince Anwar Shah Road
Kolkata- 700 045

BMI – Amrit Somani Memorial Centre
182 Sarat Bose Road
Kolkata – 700029

Ashutosh Institution   
Srikekha Banerjee
14 Rahim Ostager Road {West of Jodhpur Park}
kolkota-700 045   
Ph :242-7911     

Special Educator:
Radhika Raj

114A/B, Ashutosh Mukherjee Road, 2nd Floor,
Kolkata - 700 025. West Bengal 

Ph:033- 32968098/99, 9830888888/ 9830228888

Somnath Munishi                  
140/6 Soth Sinthee Road
Kolkata 700 029          

Blooming Buds
Gopa Ghosh 
30,Lansdown Terrace
Kolkota -700 029
Ph :337-7780

DIVYAYANAn integrated Montessori House
109/26, Hazra Road.
Kolkata-700 026
Ph :24751099  

Schools for Kids with Autism in Coimbatore

Sanjeevani Health Care Trust
506,Teachers Colony
SM Palyam Road
G.N.Mills P.O.
Coimbatore -641029
Ph: 0422-2643636
Website : www.sanjeevanihealthcaretrust.org

Shivesh Autism Centre
#9-H, K.K.Nagar
Avarampalayam Road
Ph: 0422-4389504/9894960485

Vidyavikasini Opportunity School for Mentally Challenged
Email ssjayam@yahoo.com

Sri Prashanthi Academy
4/199 Thangavelu street,
NGGO Colony,
Coimbatore 641022
ph +91 422 2642278
E-mail :umesh_bv@redifmail.com

Ph :04223299720, 9442621630, 9994588736, 09988361696

steps rehabilitation centre 
Site: 7, Dr.Abdul Kalam Street,
Nethaji Nagar Extension,
Nanjundapuram Road,
341/2, Nanjundapuram Road,
Coimbatore-641 045.
Ph :9894747660
Email : contact@drkarthik.in/ karthik1710@gmail.com

Schools for Kids with Autism in Chennai

Five Pediatric Therapy Centre


#6, Ponnappa Street, Kilpauk, Chennai - 600 010.
Ashok Nagar
# 32, 92nd Street, 18th Avenue, Ashok Nagar, Chennai - 600 083.
7/14 A, 3rd cross street, Venkateshwara Nagar, Karpagam Garden, Adyar, Chennai - 600020
Ph: 94451-55000
Email: enquiry@fiveindia.com

Academy of Special Education
Mr. John Murugaselvam
37, Nainar Nadar Road
Mylapore, Chennai - 600004
Ph: 044-24670046
Email: jms_hope@eth.net

Deepam School For Special Children
1 N-Block, 2nd Main Road,
Anna Nagar East, Chennai, Tamil nadu 600102
Ph :044 26268307‎,09940196393‎

New No.7,Old No.1/1
Bhagirathi Ammal Street
Raja Annamalaipuram
Ph: 044-24938443/ 24993892/9840057975
Email : info@aikya.org
Website : www.aikya.org

Bright - The Learning center
Plot No.1419, Thiruvalluvar Nagar
Anna Nagar Westend Extension
Mogappair, Chennai-37
Ph: 44 - 6512 6644 / 6519 7703 (OFF) / 2661 0405
(RES) / 6512 6644 (School) / 092831 - 27274

E-mail : contact@autismbright.com, akila_bright@yahoo.co.in
Web : www.autismbright.com

Chennai Holistic Health Centre for Autism
Plot no:218, Palkalai
Nagar, Palavakkam
Ph: 44 -24511670
e-mail: ism_chhc@hotmail.com
Website: http://www.autismchennai.in

Maruti Seva
Mr. Ramalingam V.S.
188 D Pappammal 12th Street
GKM Colony
Chennai 600082
Ph: 044-25500410
Email: marutisevatrust@hotmail.com

Madhuram Naryanan Centre for Exceptional Children
Mrs Jaya Krishnaswamy
126, G.N.Chetty Road, T Nagar,
Ph: 044-8281042, 8267568,Res: 2344434

Navdisha Montessori School
Ms. Manimekalai Kumar
Kalki Nagar, 3rd Cross Street
Near AGS Colony
6th Main Road, Velachery
Chennai - 600042
Ph: 044-20022823

Spastics Society Of Tamilnadu
TTTI In front of Taramani Road
Ph: 044-2541133/2541651 / Fax: 044-2541047
Email :spastn@vsnl.net.in

Ms. Radha Ganesh & Ms. Ramamani Ravi,
No:21, Rajagopalan 2nd Street
1st Sea Ward road , Valmiki Nagar
Ph: 044-24452485

Sankalp Learning Centre
Q-9, New No. 41, 6th.Avenue.
Chennai 600040
Tamil Nadu.
Ph: 044- 42113947
email: sulata.sankalp@airtelbroadband.in

Plot #218,Palkalai nagar
Ph: 44-24511670
email : info@autismchennai.in
Website : ism_chhc@hotmail.com

b-4 , j j nagar ,
mogappair east,
chennai 600 037,
tamil nadu
p: 044 6562 9260
Email : info@srishtishruthi.org

Swastik trust Head office :
49, KPK salai, Kanaga Durgai Nagar,
Kancheepuram -631502 Tamilnadu, INDIA
Ph: 044 2726 4422

Resource centers:
School Contact: 25/10 A,
3rd Main Road,
Kasturi Bai Road,
Chennai – 600 020.
Email Us : aathichudy@yahoo.com

No. 4, 2nd Cross Street,
Chennai 600 024.
Phone: 24832026, 24981616

Braineez Paediatric Therapy Centre,
No:2171, L Block, 6th Street,
12th Main Road, Anna Nagar,
Chennai - 600 040.
Tel: +91 - 988-499-0477
EMail: info@braineez.com

Perambur: 65479202
Tambaram: 22380440
T. Nagar: 24813434
Kolathur: 25509104
K.K. Nagar: 23710031
Ullagaram: 22425762

Child Support

28, Vada Agaram Road,
Mehta Nagar,
Chennai - 600029.
Ph : +91 44 23744779 / 80

2.. Kodambakkam
23, Ratnammal Street,
Chennai 600024.

3.. Alwarpet
2/9, Seethammal Colony
3rd Cross Street,
Chennai 600018.

Common Helpline:94451 55000
Website :http://childsupport.in/
Em$ail :enquiry@childsupport.in

[Doctrine Oriented Art of Symbiotic Treatment]
Integrated Therapy Centre
6 Kellys Road, [Opp.Kellys Tele. exchange]
Kilpauk, Chennai-600010,
Ph: (044)42026688
eMail: karthik28@hotmail.com
eMail: info@doast.com

Schools for Kids with Autism in Shillong

Dwar Jingkyrmen school
Stoniland ,Shillong -793003
Ph: 0364-221226
Email : dwar_Jingkyrmen@hotmail.com

Schools for Kids with Autism in Pune

Autism Centre
Prasanna Hospital, Deccan
Gymkhana, Pune 411004
Ph: 020-25652246
Website : http://www.prasannaautism.org
e-mail: info@prasannaautism.org

Bharatiya Samaj Seva Kendra
"Bertha Varada", 6th Lane,
Plot No. 373, Koregaon Park,
Pune 411001, Maharashtra
Ph: 20-26128002/26055332
Fax: 20-26125716
Email: bssk@bsskindia.org

Prasanna Autism Centre
895, Shivajinagar ,Deccan
Pune- 411004
Ph: 5652246
Email :info@prasannaautism.org

Prism Foundation
Dr. Padmaja Godbole
Prasanna Autism Centre
895, Shivaji Nagar
Deccan Gymkhana
Pune - 411004
Ph: 5679714, 5652246

Sadhana Village
1, Priyankit, Lokmanya
Opp. Vanaz, Paud Road,
Pune: 411 038
Ph: 20-2538 0792/25171223/2296 0224
Email : ranjana@sadhanavillage.org, adm@sadhana-village.org
Website www.sadhanavillage.org

Hanen - More Than Words


Here are some learning from the Hanen-More than words. Hope these

bits will give u some ideas abt the prg.

The belief in this program is that parents/family members are best people to support understanding and speech.

I have summarised what I think were key points.

Drop to your child's level
Your child should see your facial expressions, the way you talk.

Follow your child's lead
Always start playing/or join with what your child is playing or doing, rather than start with what you want to do.

Say Less, Stress More
Don't talk lengthy sentences. Start your talk with child probably with one or few words only. If you will have to talk in a sentence, keep it really short, stressing the key words.

Give choices
In anything, your child is interested, try to offer choices. Try to have one item in which your kid will not be interested and one which he/she will be very interested. When you offer, say the interesting option last, so that your child can pick it up.

Make them request
Make them request for things they want. Either with gestures(to start with),eventually with sounds and later with words.

Start with people games
Rather than playing with toys, play traditional games which involve direct interaction with your child and where lots of requests is possible. E.g. peek-a-book, hide and seek, run and catch, bubbles etc

Introduce regular routines using pictures
Most ASD kids are visual learners(as we understood, not all). Hence when you offer them understanding with little pictures they will love it. Before you go to a place say temple, show the picture of temple at house itself. So your child will not be anxious as to where it is going. Use Velcro stickers behind pictures to stick at relevant places, like all eatables pictures in refrigerators.

Play songs which have kids or sung by kids
They like this. Here also we used to offer choices. We used to have two browser windows side by side with a song in each. And our son learnt to point the song he likes.

This is good for a start. First your child will learn to make a gesture request, will make echoes, then sounds and later words.

R-O-C-K in your Routinue
R - Repeat What you say
0- Opportunies for your child to take a turn
C - Cue your child to take his turn
k- Keep it Fun


Share Ur Experience

1... Why Occupational Therapy???? More...

2..Making your child learn by copying. More..

3..How Movement, touch, sound or smell can affect your kids? More..

4..How can owing printer and laminator be useful? More...

5.. Here are some learning from the Hanen-More than words. Hope these
bits will give u some ideas abt the prg. More...

6.. I saw a TV program which I thought might be useful. It is called super nanny. This nanny visits families having children who are very naughty and indisciplined. More...



I saw a TV program which I thought might be useful. It is called super nanny. This nanny visits families having children who are very naughty and indisciplined. She teaches the family members to regain control and bring sense into their routines. The methods she uses can be used by any parents with their kids(naughty or not).

It gave lots of tips for us, to interact with our son. The program can be seen at using the following link http://www.channel4.com/programmes/supernanny


Schools for kids with Autism in Mumbai, Maharastra

BMI Mumbai
Bungalow number 186,
Row House no. 22, Unnat Nagar – 2,
Goregaon (west), Mumbai. Mumbai 400062

Forum For Autism
2nd floor, Block A,
Jeshtaram Baug,
Dr.Ambedkar Rd, Dadar,
Mumbai 400 014
Email : forumforautism@hotmail.com

NIMH Regional Centre
KC Marg , BandraWest ,
Bandra Reclamation
Ph: 022-6442880
Fax: 022-6511664
Email nimhrcm@vsnl.net


A-4 Silver Arch, Ramnagar
Borivali (W)
Mumbai 400 092
Ph: 022-28064443/28864183

Ummeed Child Development Center

Ground Floor, Mantri Pride
1-B, 1/62, N.M. Joshi Marg
Subhash Nagar
Near Chinchpokli Station
Lower Parel
Mumbai 400011
Ph: 65528310, 65564054,23002006, 23001144
Email ummeed@vsnl.net

Ashiana Nityanand Municipal School

Sahar Road, Andheri East
Ph: 022-26845062,26125742

Communication Deall

Charni Road

Child Development Clinic

Veer Savarkar Marg

Disha Early Intervention Centre

Ville ParleWest,Mumbai
Ali Yavar Jung Institute
Bandra West, Mumbai

Institution for Exceptional Children

Municipal School Bldg.,
Topiwala Lane, Girgaum,
Ph: 23868501

Lions Juhu Centre for the Children in need of Special Care

Gujarat Research Society,
Ramkrishna Mission Marg,
Khar (W), Mumbai - 400055
Ph: 26462691

Prerna –Centre for autism and related disorders

Colaba ,Mumbai
Manav Seva Sangh
Sion ,Mumbai

Dakshinya Special Education Centre & School for Autism

A 32/250, Old Siddharth Nagar
Road no. 10, Behind
Aadarsha Vidyalaya,
Goregaon (W)
Ph: 9819023790

Priyanj Special School

239/1905 Motilal Nagar no 1,
Achyut Behre Marg,
Near Ganesh Mandir, Road no 4,
Goregaon (west),
Mumbai -400104.
Ph: 022-28753880/ 9821098325
E-mail : priyanj_school@yahoo.co.in


173, Ramkrishna, 2nd floor
10th Road, Khar West
Mumbai 400 052
Ph: 022-26007267
Email: kamini108@rediffmail.com


C/o Jai Vakeel School
Sewri Hills, Sewri Road
Mumbai 400 033
Ph: 022-24701129,24702285


M.G. Road Municipal School
Opp. Parle Vidya Tilak Mandir
3rd floor, Above Marathi
Medium School, Near
Kesrekar Garden
Vile Parle (East), Mumbai 400 057
Ph: 022 - 26336537,56043998

Thakkar Autistic Centre

Shree Manav Seva Sangh
255-257, Sion Road, Sion(West)
Ph : 24092266, 24077350,24015561, 24077327
E- mail:smss@bom8.vsnl.com

SPJ Sadhana School
Dr.Rosendo Riberio
Children’s Complex,
Sophia College
Campus,Bhulabhai Desai Road
Mumbai- 400026

CARD (Centre for Autism and Related Disorders)

Ms.Prerna & Parul Kumptha
Cuffe Parade, Mumbai
Phone: 022-22164110,30949595

Sunshine School

Contact-Paramita Muzumder
Near Abbott Hotel, Sector-2
Ph: 022-27894786/ 27821731/09930530543/ 821374017/98694895 45

Jumpstart Therapy Centre,
  122    Unique Industrial Estate,
 Opp. Shidhivinayak Mandir
 Twin Tower Lane.
  Prabhadevi  Mumbai 400050
 Ph.: 02267439941/ 9870183414

--> Khushi Pediatric Therapy centre.
Bungalow No 6,
Manju Building, Plot no 286a,
Sher - e - Punjab, Andheri (East),
Mumbai -400093.
Tel-9819561468/9820592543/+91 98195 61468

Santosh Institute for Autism and Mentally Challenged childern
Room no :- 91, 1/2
Parshuram Nagar, 'c' ward, Abhyudaya Nagar,
Mumbai :- 400033.
Ph :- 9820687976, 9320687976