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Hanen - More Than Words


Here are some learning from the Hanen-More than words. Hope these

bits will give u some ideas abt the prg.

The belief in this program is that parents/family members are best people to support understanding and speech.

I have summarised what I think were key points.

Drop to your child's level
Your child should see your facial expressions, the way you talk.

Follow your child's lead
Always start playing/or join with what your child is playing or doing, rather than start with what you want to do.

Say Less, Stress More
Don't talk lengthy sentences. Start your talk with child probably with one or few words only. If you will have to talk in a sentence, keep it really short, stressing the key words.

Give choices
In anything, your child is interested, try to offer choices. Try to have one item in which your kid will not be interested and one which he/she will be very interested. When you offer, say the interesting option last, so that your child can pick it up.

Make them request
Make them request for things they want. Either with gestures(to start with),eventually with sounds and later with words.

Start with people games
Rather than playing with toys, play traditional games which involve direct interaction with your child and where lots of requests is possible. E.g. peek-a-book, hide and seek, run and catch, bubbles etc

Introduce regular routines using pictures
Most ASD kids are visual learners(as we understood, not all). Hence when you offer them understanding with little pictures they will love it. Before you go to a place say temple, show the picture of temple at house itself. So your child will not be anxious as to where it is going. Use Velcro stickers behind pictures to stick at relevant places, like all eatables pictures in refrigerators.

Play songs which have kids or sung by kids
They like this. Here also we used to offer choices. We used to have two browser windows side by side with a song in each. And our son learnt to point the song he likes.

This is good for a start. First your child will learn to make a gesture request, will make echoes, then sounds and later words.

R-O-C-K in your Routinue
R - Repeat What you say
0- Opportunies for your child to take a turn
C - Cue your child to take his turn
k- Keep it Fun