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Making your kid's with Autism to learn by copying

Hi friends, today I am going to share my experience of how I succeeded in making my kid learn by copying.

How do kids normally learn? One of the biggest forms of learning is just by imitation/copying parents or friends. The way those around the kids eat, talk, dress etc. However, kids with Autism finds difficult to copy others. In my own experience I tried so many ways to make my son to copy / to initiate an activity. For example by doing some action in front of him and encouraging him to copy, taking him to park and showing other kids etc. But it all ended up with great disappointment.

When we observed our son fully, we understood that he likes to look at pictures in the book, watch TV ads and cartoon Rhymes. He understands the flash cards and visual timetable.

This gave us an idea of showing something which involves kids. As a first step we showed him movie songs with children dancing. When he started showing interest, we made him to choose his favourite song by offering him choices. Miraculously, he started to interact with very small sounds. The sounds were usually sounding closer to the song he liked. For example, there is a song called Choo Choo Mari. My son started saying something like “choo choo” first.

Gradually we extended this technique by showing him the Nursery Rhymes sung by kids at home environment. This is very natural and my kid was able to relate with the kids singing in such rhymes. The Cartoon rhymes never had such an effect. We had downloaded the rhymes from YOUTUBE

If you want to download and save a song from youtube, go to Mostly the downloaded file will be in .flv or .MP4 format. VLC player will support these formats.

Surprising thing about this method is, now our son starts to copy the actions besides words from the Rhymes. Now he can twinkle his hands for Twinkle Twinkle little Star and he can hum fully the “ BAA BAA BLACK SHEEP” rhymes.

Nowadays he shows more interest to watch these rhymes, rather than watch TV Ads and Animated Rhymes. When we discussed this with our Speech Therapist, she extended this idea and suggested making our own videos with small request like “SIT DOWN”, “GIVE WATER” etc. She told us that this will help the kids to understand the request contextually. But I haven’t tried this method yet. I am planning to try this as soon as possible. I am sure this will take him to the next level of his speech.

You too please share your small steps towards success to This will inspire other parents in need.

Unlock your child’s potential to WIN Autism.

Reviewing your activities by recording

When you do various play activities with your kids, how do you know whether it was successful? May be by the enthusiasm of your kid to participate in the session. That is what I and my husband thought. However when our speech therapist started working with my kid, she started recording the session with her video camera. At that point of time my kid had literally no vocalization. In his activities also he did not seem to make much gestures or sounds. However, when we played back the video, we were amazed to see how our kid had uttered lot of sounds and gestures during the play.

During some of these sessions we had thought our kid did not cooperate. But when we saw the video, the results were completely different. As we were very focused with certain results in mind during the play, we had missed lot of this communication. In fact if we had noticed this during the play, we could have used the opportunity much more effectively.

After this experience, we started using our little digital camera. When I or my husband started playing/interacting with our kid, the other would immediately take the camera and record it. Then quickly we used to connect to a computer and review it. We have improved his communication tremendously with this practice. Our understanding of him also improved very much.

You can also try this method. In case you have not got a handy video camera or if your kid is distracted by the camera, get some third person to watch you activities and give review.

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How Movement, touch, sound or smell can affect your kids with Autism?

Kids with Autism may be throwing tantrums occasionally or frequently. In my experience, anxiety and sensitivity are the two big reasons for this.

Anxiety can be handled by introducing routines and enhancing the kids understanding.

The other reason sensitivity can be handled by first understanding your kid. Your kid can be over or under sensitive to MOVEMENT, TOUCH, SOUND or SMELL.

My kid was sensitive to sounds. He would shut his ears and run away, when mixer, vacuum cleaner were used. I took this as a challenge to treat this sensitivity. I took out the vacuum cleaner in switched off mode and did pretend play with my kid. We pretended cleaning actions by pushing the handle together. Soon he started having fun with this. Then I eventually started doing the same thing with the vacuum cleaner in switched on mode. Similarly we played with other objects to which he was sound sensitive. Now his sensitivity to sound has come down significantly ( This happened over a period of time with little patience).

Practice makes us perfect. For kids with autism reinforcement makes it prefect.

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How can owing printer and laminator be useful?

Kids with Autism are highly visual learners. You can use printer and laminator to prepare FLASH CARDS, VISUAL TIME TABLE etc. Flash cards helps them to learn Alphabets, Numerals, Calender , time , colors etc. Similarly Visual time table helps them to learn the sequence of activities. With so much of usefulness it's worth to buy a printer and laminator.

So if you have a kid with Autism don't search for the shops or ready made material to teach your kids. With the help of printer ,laminator and with little creativity you can do wonders in your kid's life .

You can refer the useful links section to get ideas to prepare flash cards and visual timetable.

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