This BLOG will help you to find details about Indian Schools, Doctors, Hospitals, Speech Therapists and Trainers who are specialised to support kids with autism. Also you can find encouraging stories on parent's experience in grooming their kids with Autism.

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How can owing printer and laminator be useful?

Kids with Autism are highly visual learners. You can use printer and laminator to prepare FLASH CARDS, VISUAL TIME TABLE etc. Flash cards helps them to learn Alphabets, Numerals, Calender , time , colors etc. Similarly Visual time table helps them to learn the sequence of activities. With so much of usefulness it's worth to buy a printer and laminator.

So if you have a kid with Autism don't search for the shops or ready made material to teach your kids. With the help of printer ,laminator and with little creativity you can do wonders in your kid's life .

You can refer the useful links section to get ideas to prepare flash cards and visual timetable.