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How Movement, touch, sound or smell can affect your kids with Autism?

Kids with Autism may be throwing tantrums occasionally or frequently. In my experience, anxiety and sensitivity are the two big reasons for this.

Anxiety can be handled by introducing routines and enhancing the kids understanding.

The other reason sensitivity can be handled by first understanding your kid. Your kid can be over or under sensitive to MOVEMENT, TOUCH, SOUND or SMELL.

My kid was sensitive to sounds. He would shut his ears and run away, when mixer, vacuum cleaner were used. I took this as a challenge to treat this sensitivity. I took out the vacuum cleaner in switched off mode and did pretend play with my kid. We pretended cleaning actions by pushing the handle together. Soon he started having fun with this. Then I eventually started doing the same thing with the vacuum cleaner in switched on mode. Similarly we played with other objects to which he was sound sensitive. Now his sensitivity to sound has come down significantly ( This happened over a period of time with little patience).

Practice makes us perfect. For kids with autism reinforcement makes it prefect.

Unlock Your Kid’s Potential To Win Autism