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Reviewing your activities by recording

When you do various play activities with your kids, how do you know whether it was successful? May be by the enthusiasm of your kid to participate in the session. That is what I and my husband thought. However when our speech therapist started working with my kid, she started recording the session with her video camera. At that point of time my kid had literally no vocalization. In his activities also he did not seem to make much gestures or sounds. However, when we played back the video, we were amazed to see how our kid had uttered lot of sounds and gestures during the play.

During some of these sessions we had thought our kid did not cooperate. But when we saw the video, the results were completely different. As we were very focused with certain results in mind during the play, we had missed lot of this communication. In fact if we had noticed this during the play, we could have used the opportunity much more effectively.

After this experience, we started using our little digital camera. When I or my husband started playing/interacting with our kid, the other would immediately take the camera and record it. Then quickly we used to connect to a computer and review it. We have improved his communication tremendously with this practice. Our understanding of him also improved very much.

You can also try this method. In case you have not got a handy video camera or if your kid is distracted by the camera, get some third person to watch you activities and give review.

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