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What is Autism?

I am a mother of 5.5 years old kid who was diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) at the age of 3.5. For a parent this diagnosis overwhelming and many could feel devastated. And the accompanying technical explanations could be very confusing. But I have overcome these stages, found out ways to overcome some disadvantages my kid has owing to this disability. I feel the explanations and definition for ASD are inadequate to a parent of kid with autism as to what to do. Hence, according to me ASD is some developmental delays, socializing constraints together with some sensory issues. Please note, I am saying delays, constraints and issues. These words are all suggestive of one thing; you can come out of it. Though to what extent will always be the kids ability, nevertheless let us remember there is plenty of hope.

Here in this blog i have shared some of the difficulties that I faced and how I worked to overcome those difficulties. I have also got some insights about other kids who are my kid’s classmates at school who all have ASD are in different stages of progress.

These experiences can be a good first step for your kid as well. I think small steps in the positive direction will help those who are in need.

You as parents can use these experiences and also please share your experience which will help other parents. You can send your experience to the email id or post as a comment.

Let us join hands to unlock our Kid’s Potential to win Autism.

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Sensitivity in the Mouth

Usually parents worry about their children having Ice creams. With a 5 year old son who has autism, we were a different lot. Our son was very much sensitive to many things which included lot of food items. He would never take any food which was semi solid or jelly like or cold or whatever new conditions he could come up on tasting it.

It was simply not because of his choice of food, that he was rejecting some of these items, his senses were simply uncomfortable with some of the food sensations. Oh! how nice it would have been to have a kid who did not have to fight with the pulls and pressures within his body. And just said, "I want that Ice cream mummy". We weren't that lucky, but we did not wait for our luck to turn around.

We worked on his sensitivities in various ways, by gently encouraging him to try new food, by giving required oral massages around his mouth, by using a special oro-motor brush and by treating other sensitivities likewise. Broadly these kind of activities are covered by occupational therapy. The school that my son is studying is excellent in this regard. With their occupational therapy support, one day we were in for a nice surprise. Our son started having Ice creams. Yes. Ice Creams(can you hear us screaming). This is not to say we should encourage kids to have Ice creams, which has a junk food status. But this is to share our joy of how our son overcame his sensitivity to enjoy the simple pleasure of something that every kid like him enjoy without a second thought.

Here is a big thanks to all the professionals who supported us.

Also a little note to other parents who are facing similar challenges. When it comes to food behaviour, rather than forcing your son or daughter into a diet plan which they do not like, start with the food they like. Gently nudge them to eat the food they like by themselves in a disciplined way. This routine itself will prepare them for taking other foods. All the best.

Doctors, Therapist and Social Organisation For Autistic Kids In Goa

K. Naresh babu. M.O.T., Msc. (Psy).,
Senior Occupational Therapist, ILPL-Goa.
Mob: 09881121840.

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Here is the link to the playlist of Activities done with Aakash, in YouTube: Click Here

Why occupational Therapy?????

Occupational therapy is provided when there is a disruption in function in one or more of the following the areas:

  • Gross Motor Skills : movement of the large muscles in the arms, and legs. Abilities like rolling, crawling, walking, running, jumping, hopping, skipping etc
  • Fine Motor Skills : movement and dexterity of the small muscles in the hands and fingers. Abilities like in-hand manipulation, reaching, carrying, shifting small objects etc.

  • Cognitive Perceptual Skills: Abilities like attention, concentration, memory, comprehending information, thinking, reasoning, problem solving, understanding concept of shape, size and colors etc.
  • Sensory Integration : ability to take in, sort out, and respond to the input received from the world. Sensory processing abilities like vestibular, proprioceptive, tactile, visual, auditory, gustatory and olfactory skills.

  • Visual Motor Skills : a child's movement based on the perception of visual information. Abilities like copying.
  • Motor Planning Skills : ability to plan, implement, and sequence motor tasks.

  • Oral Motor Skills : movement of muscles in the mouth, lips, tongue, and jaw, including sucking, biting, chewing, blowing and licking.

  • Play skills : to develop age appropriate, purposeful play skills
  • Socio-emotional skills : ability to interact with peers and others.

  • Activities of daily living: Self-care skills like daily dressing, feeding, grooming and toilet tasks. Also environment manipulation like handling switches, door knobs, phones, TV remote etc.

  • Occupational therapists in schools collaborate with teachers, special educators, other school personnel, and parents to develop and implement individual or group programs, provide counseling, and support classroom activities.

  • Occupational therapists design and develop equipment or techniques for improving existing mode of functioning.  MORE....

School for kids with Autism in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

Sri Prashanthi Academy
199 Thangavelu street,
NGGO Colony, Coimbatore 641022 [off Mettupalayam road]
Phone 91 422 2642278
Ms.Annapoorna Jayaram - 9843488908
Ms.Deepa.M - 9600801155
Akila - 9791823043

Place for Differently Abled Children
No : 2, New Thillai Nagar, P. N. Pudur,
Coimbatore - 641 041, Tamil Nadu, India.
Cell : 98430 57554
Ph   : 0422 - 6587705,