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First understanding about my son and his communication

Therapist and her visit

With my son not having spoken a single word till he was 3 and no form of communication to indicate
what was going in his mind, I was practically a stranger to him as he was to me. The only request he
would constantly do is, lift my hand and point to things he wants to eat like snacks that’s kept in a shelf above or some sweet. I had tried communicating with him by talking a lot. That did not seem to help. At last, the turning point was when the Speech Therapist visited my home.

She saw myself and my husband’s interaction with my son. Then immediately said many changes were needed to communicate/reach out to my son

1. Go to his level-On your knees or bend to him and talk to him face to face
2. Use simple words-not big, lengthy sentences-the key words are important rather than the total
sentence in the beginning-In the sentence, “Pleas e sit and have your food”, “food” is important
than other words. We were in fact told to say just “food” in the initial stages so that my son
could get what was meant and he could focus and understand the key word. And yippee it
worked, within one day he was giving the sound “sa” again and again looking very happy. That
was because I had cut down all the sentence and started using the key word “Sapida”, meaning
“eat” in my mother tongue. In fact the way I used the word was not grammatical. But that was
excused initially for him to understand.
3. Build relationship-Also the first thing we were told to do was to work on building the
relationship with my son. With limited communication it was a big challenge, but as a loving
mother that’s the first thing I was looking for with my kid. And the therapist helped me start it
by something called people games. This involved simple things like horsey, tickle, singing songs
and encouraging him to fill up with sounds etc. My son started to connect with me and I was
now flying in clouds.
4. Every little sound is a communication- I took a video of “rolling the car” game with my son and
showed it to my therapist. The game was about pushing the car when there was a request.
My son was encouraged to say “roll”. But he did not respond for it and ran away. When the
therapist reviewed the video, she observed my son giving little sounds as a substitute to possible
words that he could have said at that time(which he didn’t know or was not able to). I felt
completely taken a back. But it was a great eye opener. I realized every sound, his cries, his
touching, pointing something and even his look at something was a communication. 

With this knowledge it unlocked the doors to a new world. I started providing words to each of these
actions. The journey started at 3 years. Today my son is able to communicate his basic needs, emotions when needed(he says "upset" when he is angry, which is much better than a tantrum), express his affections to me(by calling me pet names like "horse" :) ).

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