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Where it starts

I am a mother of 7.5 years old boy who was diagnosed as ASC(Autism Spectrum Condition) 4 years back. Before he was diagnosed I didn’t know anything about the world of Autism. Till the diagnosis we were young happy parents with little worries about our son, even when he was struggling for speech till he was 3.

Once my son got diagnosed and confirmed with a condition called Autism, my happy world changed.
I stepped into a strange world of doctors, psychologists, special need teachers and more frighteningly
a completely different perspective about my son. There was guilt, tears, curses, anger, frustration,
depression and a bleak outlook of future.

Here I am going document my experiences with my son. How I struggled to break the dark clouds that surrounded me, how the society looked us and how we manage it, the struggles at school and so on. I want to tell at this juncture that there is a silver lining and it is upto us parents to work towards it.

Now I am doing home schooling. The articles that follow are the approaches I am following to teach my son.

In short I am going to share how we are now travelling in our son’s world of Autism.

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