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Parent's Experience

I live in UK and we special parents meet up on coffee mornings arranged by local health professionals who help the children with diagnosis of autism. Our guest speakers for this month is a family who has a 23 year old son who has autism diagnosis. They brought their son's pictures when he was young and recent etc.,. When they had diagnosis for their son, there was not much therapies and not much support group etc., He was non-verbal up until 6 yrs and he speaks very limited now as well. He has 2 sisters, one elder and one younger. He had been very hard work initially as loads of tantrums, meltdowns, sensory issues, aggressiveness and obsessiveness etc., Both mum and dad, never speak in front of him about his disability and kept the house rules same for all 3 children but had gone through the night mares of how he will be when he is grown up, what he will do etc.,But they kept it together as a family and had only speech therapy for their son, no ABA, no bio-medical and not any alternative therapies too.

He has studied in special school, went to college for 4 years in that 2 years computing courses. He has applied for his own job and attended interview without telling parents and got the job then informed them. He has got driving licence!!!!! UK driving licence is one of the hardest to get as minimum 150-200 hours training needed to get license. He himself asked the parents about the driving, they were so scared about it but gave a try. He is doing a cleaning job in a school, he chose that because he doesn't need to speak a lot to the people. He is earning his own money and can cook, look after himself. As he is so smart looking, girls approached him asking him phone number in college, but he told them that he can not give the number. Ha ha. But there is a girl who is persistent and approached the family, they are going out now for last two months. So mother said that there is a possibility that he will settle down with his own family too. 

We may be reading this kind of story every day in the internet but seeing somebody who had gone through it in person has boosted my confidence and belief enormously.

What else you need other than having a confident child who can be an asset to this world and take care of themselves. How many abled lazy people doing destruction in the world and getting the benefits from the government without going to job.

We have so many therapies now, so much knowledge in this field, inclusive schools and endless kind hearted parents coming together and helping each other. We all have light at the end of tunnel. My son surprises me every single day that he knows more than that what I am thinking that he knows. If we treat them as normal, expect high and give them some space like what we do with so called 'typical' children then they get the chance to be a 'typical' child as well.
by Kasthuri Subramanian