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Games with Trampoline

My Son loves to play physical games. Because of his sensory needs he used to jump, run etc.
So we bought him a trampoline. In the beginning it was fun, but after sometimes simply jumping didn't give him any fun.

When he started to lose interest in simply jumping I thought of introducing a game around the trampoline with the known concepts to him.

He knows “Shapes” and some “Locations” and also things to get and find in that particular location. With the above known things I added the concept of “making a Choice” in the game.

Here's how we play the game with him.

I drew various shapes with marker pen on the floor(which I was able to clean later) around the trampoline

  1. Now he went and jumped in the trampoline as usual
  2. After he finished some jumps, I told him to step into one of the shapes, by calling out his name and saying “Step into the Triangle”. He looked around and stepped into the triangle
  3. And I asked him where are you standing and with some prompt he was able to respond, “In the triangle”
  4. It became instant fun for him as this variant was new. He was excitedly looking at all the shapes. Now I asked him, “Do you want to jump more”. When he answered yes, allowed him to jump in the trampoline for some more turns
  5. And then told him, now “Step into the Hexagon”. And the game went on for many turns.

Slight Variation with the same concept:

    1. Drew 4 or 5 Circles around the Trampoline.
    2. Wrote some Location names inside those circles such as Park, McDonalds, Cafe Coffee day, Petrol Bunk etc which are known to my son and of his interest.
    3. Now I made him to jump on the Trampoline. After few jumps I told him to “Stop”.
    4. Then I asked him “Where do You Want To Go”? Since all the places which I had drawn are of his interest , he got excited and he said “Park”.
    5. I said “Lets go to Park” and made him to step into the circle where the word “Park” was written.
    6. Then I asked him to “What do you do in the Park”? . He Replied “Slide”
      1. Likewise after few jumps , I made him to choose something of his interest and asked questions which are known to him.
In this way he took lots of turns since everything is known and of his interest.
Every time during the game my son learnt
        1. Actions like Jump, Stop, Step into.
        2. Learnt to answer questions in a funful way.
        3. Learnt to make choice.

  1. When we make games funful, there is less stress on the kids and the parents/therapists. The kids also get some variation.
  2. When the kid is unable to answer any questions, prompt him with the answer and the kid will soon learn it.
  3. If he did answers in one word, help him to expand that into simple sentence. By this way language also can be improved.
  4. When we play games with kids, instead of introducing completely unknown games/concepts we can merge things known to them and of their interest. These kind of games will be much more funful and lots of learning.
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