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I LIKE .... Game (File Folder Game)

I prepared this file folder game for my son to teach the concept of turn taking. And also make him to talk in sentences
Following are the steps, how I prepared the file folder 
1.   Fig(2) has two pages. First let me explain about the right hand size page. 
  • Type I LIKE in the word document and draw five boxes.
  • Select all, that is the word I like and also the boxes. Copy the selected items and paste it, to make a another copy.
  • Now select all the copied items and by using the rotate option rotate the selected item. A mirror image is obtained now.
  • Separate by a horizontal line.
2. Take a printout of the prepared document.
3. Laminate the printout.
4. Laminte the another plane paper to get the left hand side page of the Fig(2).
5. Now join the two laminated sheet using transparent cello tape.

Fig (2)
                                                                          Fig (3)
Since food is the main attraction to my son. I took some food items of his choice. Fig(3) was also prepared using word document. I printed the prepared document and laminated it. After lamination I cut it to pieces like above.

I put velcro on the back of each images as shown in Fig(3) and also similar to the Fig(2).

Now the preparation part is over and i am going to explain how I play with my son.

1. I stick the food item pieces(fig 3) to the left side page of the Fig(2).
2. First I ask my son "WHOSE TURN ?"
3. I wait for my son to say "My turn" , otherwise I prompt him to say "My Turn".
4. Then I ask him "What do you like?" by showing the food pictures on the right hand side of Fig(1)
5. I wait for him to make his choice, otherwise physically prompt him to pick up a food item picture.
6. Once he picked up his choice , once again I ask " What do you like?".
7. I wait for him to say " I Like ....(the chosen food item name)", otherwise I prompt him to say the sentence "I Like....". e.g. I Like Pizza
8. Then I will say your turn over and ask him, "Now whose turn?"
9. I wait for him to say "Mummy's Turn", otherwise prompt him to say " Mummy's turn".
10 . Once my turn get over, we will repeat from the step 1, till all the food items pictures get over.

At the end of the game, my Son learnt to
  •  Make choices
  • Wait for his turn
  • Take turns
  • To answer "Whose" and "What" questions
  • Learnt to answer in sentence form
Another good thing is after playing this game for some time, we are able to play the game verbally without any of these materials. I simply say what I like and in his turn he says what he likes. That is very lively game. Hopefully soon this will help him to reduce anxiety in a public place like
a hotel or when shopping where he can say what he likes and wants.