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Learning not to ignore

In recent days my son kept on saying “Lotus Swamy”, “Lotus Shampoo” and “Ashiya Gulab Jamun”. For quiet sometime I ignored the Lotus & Ashiya and made him to say “Swamy”(meaning god), “Shampoo” and “Gulab Jamun” which were the correct forms according to me.

But whenever I corrected, he echoed it at that point of time. But whenever he said these words by himself, he repeated the way he said before.
At last a fine day came, when I came to know the mystery of these prefixes One day he picked up an advertisement pamphlet for a super market and showed it to me and my husband saying “Ashiya Gulab Jamun”. Then we realised the brand name was “Ashirwad” who were giving plenty of advertisements for their products in TV. They have a Gulab Jamun Product as well. Learning this from TV, he had said in his own version as “Ashiya Gulab Jamun”. We were stunned and of course very happy that he had started discovering things on his own and communicating it.

It was a big lesson for me that it was probably time for me to learn him from as well. In fact the next learning was even more profound. We used to drive to a specific place for some work, weekly once. When we were crossing that place, he showed a temple and said “Lotus Swamy”. Then I realised, that temple was in the design of a small flower curled upwards with a deity inside. I never correlated that with a lotus. But my son had and educated me once again.

The same way I figured “Lotus Shampoo” was in fact “L’oreal shampoo”. My son had with his evolving reading made L’oreal into Lotus. Now I have learnt not to ignore something he says which is not immediately understandable.

Another mystery between me and my son is “Chicken”, “Hen”, “Elisa”, “Teddy bear” and “Walrus”. These are all the sweet names by which he calls me when he feels an overflowing affection. In fact “Elisa” means Elephant which he corrected later and the latest name he has given me is Walrus.

I hope soon I will know the secret of above nick names like “Ashiya” and one day my son will also call me “mummy” instead.

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