Picture to Picture matching

I started to teach my son at home with the help of the therapists when my son was 3.5 yrs old. To start with I used toys and objects to teach him. But it did not work, since my son was too hyper and he didn't allow me to keep anything on the table. It was very difficult for me to manage the teaching aids and also my son who was acting hyper.

In the initial days his therapist asked me to make him to sit for a minute and increase the sitting  time by 30 seconds for every session. With his hyperness it was really hard for me to manage the objects and toys on the table. Keeping this in mind, when I searched for some ideas to keep the things stable on the study table, I came across a website with the tab saying free printables.

Around that time  we attended training where we got to know the importance of visual schedule and how to use Velcro to prepare the same.

I extended the same idea to prepare the material for "Picture to Picture matching".  This was the first file folder sort material I prepared for my son. Later this became a method of teaching to him at home.

After I started using the material, I was able to manage my son a little bit better. But learning for me was enormous.

I learnt that my son was a visual learner, matching was his strength and if he knew the starting and finishing points of the activity, his anxiety was considerably reduced. Now my son is 9.5yrs old and this is method I follow him to teach anything at home.

How to Prepare :

1.Sometimes I use word document to prepare my own material based on the needs of my son.
2. Sometimes I download ready made materials from the internet. Many websites offer this and simply we have to download and use it. But the disadvantage is, sometimes it may not be exactly suitable to our requirement.
3.Once the material is ready, take printout.
4.Laminate it.
5.Cut it into pieces for matching cards.
6.Put Velcro where ever needed.

Whatever type of visual materials I prepare, I take care of two things:
1.Background of the picture should be white. (I use Google images for my document preparation)
2.Add text at the bottom of the visual.

How I am using this material :

When I started to use the above material, my son didn't know a single word. My objective was to make him to sit in a place and do something productive.

So to start with I physically prompted to match the picture from left hand side to right hand side. Once he learnt to match pictures, taking a picture and sticking it to the velcro became fun activity to him.

Once matching was done , I used to read the name of objects in the picture by pointing the picture with my son's hand. Slowly his focus level also increased.

Since fruits, vegetables, Vehicles and food items are grouped in separate pages, he learnt to sort very easily when sorting was introduced to him.

Even now I am using this material to teach him like
1. "This is Apple/ Car" etc.
2. These are Fruits/ Vegetables etc.
3. And good one recent thing in recent times is when some of the cards have got missing, my son has learnt to say "missing" which he is generalising in other day to day areas as well.

  1. Add text to the Visuals.
  2. Keep White Background for visuals.
  3. Generalize then and their.(for e.g. Child should not think the picture you show is the precise way the object looks, at variety of opportunities show him real version or other pictures. Like you can show Tiger in the pictures and later take the kid to Zoo to see a real Tiger)
  4. Make the child to understand the start and end point of an activity. e.g. By verbal or Written cue card say "Activity Time" and when finished say "Activity Over".

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