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Using photos to improve the communication

My son was given goal to describe the pictures. But when I tried he didn’t find it interesting. Since I feel the pictures we take from books, newspapers or from his picture books are not very appealing to him.  One day when he was seeing some printed photographs that we had developed, he said “walking-hotel”.    That particular photograph was taken around a lake when we were on vacation and we walked around it and went to a nearby eatery. 
The incident triggered me to use photos for achieving the goal of describing the picture.   For example, there is a photo -where my son and husband standing in the beach. With this he himself can say –standing, beach,  water, birds. It also encouraged him to answer “wh” (Why, What, Which) questions. Also he was usually stuck with one word.  With photos we could encourage him to talk in sentences. Also on seeing the photos he can recollect the past.  I have started this recently only. Also the places where any families does not got often like beach, waterfalls etc can be remembered by the child easily by looking at the photos.   Also it helps my child remember relatives, people we visit and their relationship by looking at family photographs.
Also special occasions like birthdays, festivals come once in a year.  My kid revels in these kind of occasions. Printed photographs help him revel in those memories and also to make him ready for the occasion when it comes again.
I want to conclude using photos taken in common places like parks, restaurants, malls, vacation places, special occasions and relative’s places are very useful for my son to build communication, understanding and memory about the past .

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