Word to Picture and Picture to word Matching

In the topic Picture to Picture matching (“”) I explained how my son learnt Animals,fruits,vegetables etc. by matching pictures. And I have also mentioned that names were added along with pictures.

While teaching him picture to picture matching I used lot of picture books like picture dictionary books for generalization. At that time my Son didn't have a proper speech. He made sounds like “appaya” for “Apple”, “nana” for “Banana”, “taya” for “Tiger” etc. But he consistently used a specific sound for a object and not others.

At this stage one day we went to a restaurant, While waiting for the orders to come, my son looked at the menu card and said “appaya”,”nana”(where Apple and Banana milkshake were printed).
Myself and my husband were amazed and very happy, since he read words without pictures. This had come about by Picture to Picture Matching with names also printed on them.

This gave me an idea of moving to the next stage by giving him little variation in his activity like word to picture matching.

Like picture to picture matching, I made separate categories for matching like fruits, flowers, vehicles etc. Here are some sample pages

Actually this helped him later to sort and categorise. One more thing is after finishing the matching on a page, I used to read out the words and he will repeat after me(correctly or approximately). Soon he started saying the words and I used to repeat after him.

Once he learnt to match word to picture, I made him to match picture to word but I mixed up categories like objects, Animals, Vegetables etc. Here are some sample pages.

Matching and Visuals are my son's strength. If we can identity our kids strength and teach using their strength, learning will be easy and funful to us and also to our kids.

Owing to this series of efforts he has learnt different animals, vehicles, kitchen objects, categories and tries to use them in day to day life as well.

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