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Good Training Material -Sight word readers

It is always a struggle to find new materials to develop the skills of our kids. Today I came across a site which will help our kids in reading. I sincerely appreciate and thank the mother/teacher Anna who did this wonderful documentation of these materials.  She has provided lots off freebies to download and use. Though this website is for all kids, I felt it would benefit kids with Autism like my son immensely. This is my review and introduction to this site.

The website name is http://www.themeasuredmom.com. I love the way the "Sight word Readers"(Sight words means frequently used English Words) material have been designed which tempted me to download it immediately. This can be download from the following link "http://www.themeasuredmom.com/free-emergent-readers".

Today my son can already read a full page of text. But he is unable to understand and comprehend the meaning.

This website gives beautiful materials to cross this stage by focusing on Sight words.  The author has designed the material in a very simple way for the kids to understand the meaning of the words along with lovely cartoon images.

Below picture shows some of the downloaded topics from this site which I have printed and made into small booklets.

The below topic is about vehicles with two sight words "the" and "See".

Below pictures show another topic with Dinosaur using sight words a, see, at, can, you, for, is, go , the , look, at, you, it, big, up and little.


I like the way the complexity has been increased gradually for the materials which helps the beginning readers like my son. I expect this material is not only going to help my son in reading fluency but also going to help my son's  Comprehension skill.

Hope this helps you in your material preparation to help your kids.