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Talking in Sentences

My son's communication today is primarily in single words e.g. he will look at me and say "water", "lunch", "sleep" etc. If he wants to communicate  a set of ideas, instead of using a sentence, he will say continuously a bunch of words like "Metro Train", "Tickets", "Escalator". What he is actually trying to say is "Let's go buy tickets and ride in the Metro Train. We will go by escalator". Whenever I make him try to communicate in a sentence(by saying a appropriate sentence when he communicates by a single word), he echoes my sentence at that point of time, but does not actually get it. When he himself initiates the communication, it is always single words only.

He is actually thorough with all the words in the "Dolch's Sight Words" List(This simply refers to the commonly used English Words in reading). This should ideally help him construct a sentence. But till now it has not.

And his another problem is that if I give him a sentence for a context, he will repeat later part of the sentence only. If I say, "Shall we go by Metro Train", he will most likely say, "go by metro train".

First I worried about his comprehension skill, but later I decided to focus on my son's ability to first fluently repeat the sentence.  While attempting this, I repeated same kind of sentences many times, like "I want water", "I want food" etc.. This I thought prevented him from getting different flavors of sentences in day to day usage.  So I searched for some appropriate teaching material and I found some material at schoolsparks.com for sight words. Here is the link


In this link I found all the sight words.  Here are some samples

They also give sentences for a set of words. Here is one set of sight words and sentences that use them.

Now I am practicing these materials with my son(these materials are free to use). Since these words are simple to use, his abilitiy to read sentences has improved.  And when I give him sentences to repeat during a conversation, his fluency in his repetition has also improved a lot. I think this could be the first step make him communicate in sentence.

Prior to these materials, my son also mastered the sight words through a tablet app as well(this is a paid app). Here is a video link to my son practicing on this app.

This app helps to learn the spelling and pronunciation of sight words easily and in a fun way.  Here is the link to get this app in the IOS

With all these inputs, now his learning of sentences is fast. Hope he will be talking in sentences soon.