Welcome to my page.

Who am I?
I am a mother of a son who has been diagnosed with Autism. In this journal I am planning to share my teaching experience with my son.

Am I homeschooling my son?
Yes, I am.

Am I trained to teach my son?
No, I am not trained with any formal certification.

How am I teaching my son?
First, I have taken out one thing from my mind. That is my son is a special need kid. I treat him as a child without any labels. That makes it easy to teach him.

What I am teaching him at home?
Things that interests him.
Things that he can do.
Things I know he will be able to do.
Things which are the next logical step to whatever he is doing.

Am I setting goals for him at home?
Yes. I set goals for him to work with him.

How am I setting goals?
Based on his needs and interests.

How am I preparing myself to teach him?
By reading books, attending workshops, joining in various forums.

Am I following any method?
I believe the methods are for “me” to understand the condition of my son and to prepare myself. I try to understand ABA, TEACCH, Hanen, RPM etc. to increase my awareness about autism and the possible approaches to train. But while working with my son I try not to fit him within the constraints of one method.

Then how am I teaching him?

I prepare customized materials based on the goals taken. We use iPad, educational video, online resources to achieve his goals.

Am I happy with the way of our learning?
Yes. I am happy about his progress.

Is there any advantage?
Yes, as I primarily rely on alternate learning, there is no commuting. I find plenty of time to focus on ADL without any rush. No follow-ups for therapy appointments etc. No after school meltdowns.

Is there any disadvantage?
Yes, socialization.
Also, if we are stuck somewhere in our goals, searching for guidance or an external review does take a long time.
Customizing materials and teach aids takes time. Sometimes I feel lonely as nobody is there to vent out.

What is the purpose of this page?
To document and share our learning path. It will help all of us and our future generation.

Please reach me out through autism.india@yahoo.co.in with details of your contact if you are a professional/institution

Looking forward to parents who want to share their experience as well.

Some thoughts on how to use the contents of this page:
In this page, I am only sharing my experience or other parent's experiences. These are not therapy suggestions. The materials published here are all mostly relevant from the perspective of my son. Every child is unique and you may have to discover what works for your kid. I am not promoting any specific teaching method and will recommend a mix and match of methods for any kid


App to learn basic English Vocabulary

Learn English Vocabulary Pop Quiz is a free App to learn basic vocabulary for kids. When downloaded only two levels were open to play and once a level is successfully completed the next level opens up to play automatically.  It basically displays a set of pictures, then calls on a name of one of the objects in the pictures and the child has to choose that picture(e.g. Strawberry). So child can get the pronunciation of that object and learn to identify that object also by playing this game.

In settings we can change the number of pictures it displays to be 2 or more. Keeping it to 2 can help the kid at the initial stages.

The App can be downloaded using the following link.

See Aakash playing with this app:

Teaching Copying Skills using Pattern

I have been working with my son Aakash for making him learn to copy. Copying is an important skill for him to learn new skills.
Following are some of the videos of Aakash and how he learns to copy.
                                                                       Video - 1

In the Video -1 he learnt to copy the patterns designed with simple shapes.  I prepared this material using Microsoft Word.

  • First I prepared the document.
  • Made two copies of the document.
  • Laminated the printed copies.
  • Cut one of the laminated copies into individual shapes.

Now the material is ready to use. Since it is colorful with basic shapes Aakash finds it very easy to copy the patterns.

                                                                       Video - 2

In the Video - 2, he learns to make patterns by connecting dots.

It's downloaded from the below links
https://www.yourtherapysource.com/followfree.html and

I laminated the downloaded documents and made my son use temporary marker to copy the patterns. Since the material is laminated, it can be used for any number of times with temporary markers for learning to copy.

Here is a link to download the template with only dots

We can use this template to design our own patterns. That is I use the right side box to quickly draw a pattern with temporary marker pen. And on the left my son copies the same pattern. This template gives scope for lot of varieties so that he does not feel bored with repeating patterns.
Google with the search term "geoboard" to get more ideas for the same.

                                                                     Video - 3

In Video - 3 he plays an App in his iPad. This App can be downloaded from the below link
https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/shapes-mosaic-puzzle-basic/id745163969?mt=8. This is a free App. This is a good time pass App for him.

I bought the above Beads Pattern box(skilloffun Beads Pattern Box) through online. It costs Rs.622 in Flipkart. This pattern Box has beads, printed strips 8 nos and 4 sticks to arrange the beads as in the printed strips.

I always use some 4 or 5 materials alternately to teach a concept to avoid boredom and also to make the concept fun and easy to understand.

Actually these methods of copying pattern helped Aakash to learn basic typing(which I will explain in another article) and also for learning addition where I taught him to do it by keeping dots.
Practice makes us Perfect. All the best to you to keep on trying the copying skills with your kids as well.