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Teaching Copying Skills using Pattern

I have been working with my son Aakash for making him learn to copy. Copying is an important skill for him to learn new skills.
Following are some of the videos of Aakash and how he learns to copy.
                                                                       Video - 1

In the Video -1 he learnt to copy the patterns designed with simple shapes.  I prepared this material using Microsoft Word.

  • First I prepared the document.
  • Made two copies of the document.
  • Laminated the printed copies.
  • Cut one of the laminated copies into individual shapes.

Now the material is ready to use. Since it is colorful with basic shapes Aakash finds it very easy to copy the patterns.

                                                                       Video - 2

In the Video - 2, he learns to make patterns by connecting dots.

It's downloaded from the below links
https://www.yourtherapysource.com/followfree.html and

I laminated the downloaded documents and made my son use temporary marker to copy the patterns. Since the material is laminated, it can be used for any number of times with temporary markers for learning to copy.

Here is a link to download the template with only dots

We can use this template to design our own patterns. That is I use the right side box to quickly draw a pattern with temporary marker pen. And on the left my son copies the same pattern. This template gives scope for lot of varieties so that he does not feel bored with repeating patterns.
Google with the search term "geoboard" to get more ideas for the same.

                                                                     Video - 3

In Video - 3 he plays an App in his iPad. This App can be downloaded from the below link
https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/shapes-mosaic-puzzle-basic/id745163969?mt=8. This is a free App. This is a good time pass App for him.

I bought the above Beads Pattern box(skilloffun Beads Pattern Box) through online. It costs Rs.622 in Flipkart. This pattern Box has beads, printed strips 8 nos and 4 sticks to arrange the beads as in the printed strips.

I always use some 4 or 5 materials alternately to teach a concept to avoid boredom and also to make the concept fun and easy to understand.

Actually these methods of copying pattern helped Aakash to learn basic typing(which I will explain in another article) and also for learning addition where I taught him to do it by keeping dots.
Practice makes us Perfect. All the best to you to keep on trying the copying skills with your kids as well.